Hi, I'm Nicolas!
Full Stack Software Developer.

About Me

I’m a responsible and proactive software developer with more than 7 years of experience.

More often than not I’m developing software on the front end, but through the years, I have developed full stack projects, starting at the design phase and the data model (relational or not), all the way up to configuring and managing the server running the service or application.

I have experience with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and some experience with Heroku, as well as managing Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) and Windows (2008 an up) servers.

On my free time, I play video games, learn to build games and help people with their software development careers on Free Code Camp.

Proud Free Code Camp’s contributor.

Software Development

My most relevant ability is programming, since it’s what takes most of my time in every project. I have experience in many languages, libraries, frameworks, programming paradigms (e.g., OOP) and REST services.

As a full stack developer, I’m able to develop responsive websites —or web applications— using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (and/or CSS framework).

Java 8/10
Spring Framework 7/10
Node 7/10
Express 5/10
Hibernate 7/10
.NET 7/10
PHP 7/10
VueJS 6/10
AngularJS 7/10
Apache Cordova
NHibernate 7/10
jQuery 8/10

Content Management System

Theme and plugin development for the most popular CMS.

WordPress 7/10
Drupal 5/10
WooCommerce 7/10
Prestashop 5/10


Relational database modeling and administration of different databases.

MySQL 8/10
PostgreSQL 7/10
Microsoft SQL Server 6/10
SQLite 7/10
MongoDB 5/10
Neo4j 4/10

Mobile Development

Design and development of native and hybrid mobile applications.

Apache Cordova 7/10
Android 5/10
Windows CE 6/10


As much of My work is protected by confidentiality clauses, I can show only a few of them. However, You can browse My GitHub and GitL ab publicly available projects.

You can also find My learning/test projects on Codepen, Repl, Glitch Free Code Camp and Glitch.


Finally, if You need a Full stack Software Developer, a Front end developer for a responsive website or online shop or simply talk to me, You can contact me using the following form:

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