Chronos: Attendance Control

Chronos: Attendance Control

Chronos is an attendance control software, which is used to register the entry and exit time of the workers of a company. It uses a fingerprint scanner and can, optionally, be connected to an electric door.

Attendance Control

The software needs a centralized computer to receive the events pushed by each one of the devices installed on the premises of a company, hence a PHP server is required to receive the events and a database server to store the information.

Regarding the operation of each device, they can register the events through the use of a fingerprint (which must be previously enrolled) or a PIN. Each device can store up to 3000 fingerprints: First and Last Name, Fingerprint and/or PIN.

Technology Used

The following is a summary of the hardware and software used to develop this project:


  • PHP: the centralized software used to receive the events.
  • MySQL: database management system used to store the data.


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