Bonnet Builder

Bonnet Builder

The bonnet builder allows the customization of wool bonnets, picking a color, texture and addons (e.g., a tail) and following purchase of the product.


The software allows the customization of the bonnets in five steps:

    1. Bonnet type,
    2. Bonnet parts, which allows the user to add one or more colors to the bonnet,
    3. Color picker, where the user paints the parts previously selected.
      • The user can add two addons and color them.
    4. Review the order.
    5. Fill the shipping information.

A customized email is sent to the client and tailor. The tailor then built the bonnet and shipped it to the client.

Technical Details

I used PHP, Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3 to develop the project:

  • PHP, the backend, used to send the emails with the details.
  • Adobe Flash, used to build the UI.
  • ActionScript 3, to add the behavior to the UI.

Credits to Marina Lin, who created the design.

You can see a live sample by clicking here and the source code can be found by clicking here.

Now, since Flash is old and insecure, most browsers will disable the Flash Player plugin. If this happens, You will not be able to make it work.

Here’s a brief video of the bonnet builder in action:

Finally, we can arrange a Skype meeting to share screens. Just contact me to arrange the meeting.

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