Jaya: Inventory Management System

Jaya: Inventory Management System

Jaya is a centralized inventory management system that integrates a barcode scanner handheld computer (ON 720), a specialized software for the handheld computer and a thermal printer mainly used to print 1D barcodes.

Inventory Management

The inventory management was designed in 3 steps:

    1. Capture the data of the raw resources arriving to the warehouse.
    2. Synchronization with the centralized inventory.
    3. Store the raw materials and generate a new barcode tag, which can be later used to move the raw materials to another place inside the same warehouse or to another warehouse.

One of the main features of the software, is the posibility to synchronize the inventory using the local network or offline. In this last case, the person in charge of the inventory must synchronize the new data in the handheld device with the main inventory using a USB cable.

Finally, the central software is capable of generate an entry guide that can be imported directly to the Softland ERP.

Technology Used

The following is a summary of the hardware and software used to develop this project:


  • Java – Used to develop the main software.
  • Maven – Main software dependency manager.
  • Log4j – A library to generate log and error files.
  • .NET 3.5 Compact Framework – The handheld device software was developed using this framework.
  • NLog – Log and error file generator for .NET CF
  • SQLite – Database management system used to store the data on the centralized inventory and the software for the handheld device.


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